Voip Solutions

Power of Open Source based Asterisk can take your corporate and business communication cost to 35-40 percent less than traditional telephony.

Voip Solutions

Server Administration

Grow Stronger

Server Administration with RedHat Server and Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 by experienced Server Admins.

Grow Strong with Secure Server Administration

App Development

Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps

Web, Mobile and Desktop based Application Development on time and with proper testing.

Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps


Reliable and Secure

We provide reliable and secure networking services with our experienced network professionals.

Networking : Reliable and Secure

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Gitstein : Network Solutions

Network Solutions

A good and reliable network is always a major add-on to any business or offices, may it be banks, corporates, government offices etc. Gitstein Technologies provides best and reliable network services at most affordable prices.Read More

Gitstein : Server Solutions

Server Solutions

With the growing business and need of hightened security, Server Administration is always a important part of a company. Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 is designed to help you increase control, availability and flexibility.Read More

Gitstein : Voip Solutions

Voip Solutions

VoiP is getting bigger and bigger day by day. VoiP is the best way to get great and clear telephony services at affordable prices. VoiP can save large money for any medium or large business as it costs much lesser than any traditional telephony service.Read More

Gitstein : Web Development

Web Development

Web is the most easy and best way to promote your business. Gitstein Technologies helps you grow your business faster with the various web development ideas we have. We provide web development sites according to your business needs.Read More

Gitstein : Software Development

Software Development

Software Development is on a boom in today's world of tablets, smartphones etc. It is one of the best ways to grow your business. Gitstein provides web, desktop, mobile application development services at most affordable prices.Read More

Gitstein : Search Engine Optimization

SEO Solutions

We at Gitstein Technologies provides Search Engine Optimiztion Services at most affordable prices and with our highly skilled seo team with years of experience in On-Page and Off-Page Optimization, Keyword Analysis and various seo tools.Read More